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research paper on capital structure

This paper investigates the impact of capital structure on profitability of the manufacturing companies in India and attempts to establish the hypothesized relationship as to how far the capital structure variables affect the business revenue of companies and what the interrelationship is between capital structure variable and profitability. PDF | This paper studies the determinants of capital structure choice of Indian steel companies. The main objective of the firm is to explore the most important factors which influence most the Author: Dr. Shrabanti Pal. How to Write a Research Paper. What is a research paper? A research paper is a piece of academic writing based on its author’s original research on a particular topic, and the analysis and interpretation of the research findings. It can be either a term paper, a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation.

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Capital structure is the relation of the equity and debt capital possessed and used by the company. Evidently, in order to develop and exist, every company needs money, so every businessman should invest money into his company to improve the quality and quantity of its work, research paper on capital structure. It is obvious that it is quite difficult research paper on capital structure start your own business if you possess little money, so the only way out is to borrow it somewhere, research paper on capital structure.

As a result the company lives on debt capital, as the whole production, the salary for employees and the whole development of the company depends on the borrowed money.

Equity capital is the capital which belongs to the employer or the founder of the company. He risked his money to start business, that is why equity capital is much more important for him. A smart businessman will seldom risk his equity capital trying to broaden his company or to increase the choice of production, so the only way out is the debt capital.

It is safer to borrow many and then return the debt if the company becomes profitable enough, but one should remember that the debt capital is quite a risky point, because the debts should be paid on time. That is why research paper on capital structure an expert wants to evaluate the success of the company and its ability to survive in stressful and unfavorable situations, like crisis, he pays the key attention to its capital structure. Every investor who chooses the safest company for investment also analyzes its capital structure to see whether the company can pay debts and avoid bankrupting.

The question of capital structure is quite a serious one, because the success and stability of every company depends on it. If a student is interested in capital structure and wants to increase his knowledge on this topic, he is able to ask the professor for the permission in the form of a well-composed research proposal.

A successful capital structure research proposal is expected to be interesting, logical and informative. A student should present the scope of the research, methodology and predictions briefly to make the professor believe that the topic is really worth investigation.

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research paper on capital structure


Oct 11,  · When there is an assignment of research paper writing a student starts to panic, because it is complicated to analyze the problem from all sides and organize the technical part of the paper well. A free example research paper on determinants of capital structure found in the Internet is the best way out for every student, because generally. Excerpt from Research Paper: Finance Capital Business Financing and the Capital Structure In finance, capital structure is used to refer to the manner in which a corporation finances its assets through some mixture of equity, debt, or hybrid securities (Atrill & McLaney, ).A firm's capital structure is the configuration or structure of its long-term liabilities and each firm can choose a. Research on capital structure has broadened its scope from a single capital structure decision (the debt/equity choice) to various attributes of the debt in firms' capital structure. This study examines the effects of growth opportunities, debt maturity and liquidity risk on leverage, making use of a large panel of Chinese listed Madushan Priyadarshana.